An Exploration of Consciousness

“Meditations” is a collection of guided meditations that lead you into the body of an alien creature. Each 12-minute meditation will transform you into a delightfully complex and curious creature on the planet Ankhara: a deep-sea cephalopod, social tardigrades, a family of underground foragers, and a super-intelligent apex fungus.

Each episode is composed by a different artist, each bringing their own style and aesthetic to their episode. 


Daniel Lynas – Mixing, mastering

Jenise Morgan – Narrator and co-writer

Manuel Batule – Composer for “Tubopus” 

Gurl Cosmo – Composer for “Tardigrade”

Michelle Gebauer & Andy Turtle – Composers for “Mungdart”

David Scott Russell – Composer for “Gaia”

Lauren Heagerty – extra voice, flute

Amanda Benson – extra voice

Daniel Jacobson – extra voice

Marisa Joan – extra voice

Landon Feller – extra voice

Rachel Wright – extra voice

Sam Grant – extra voice

Ghan Patel – extra voice, production, co-writer

All characters, situations, and places are fictitious. Any similarities to individuals in the real world are purely coincidental. Story by Ghan Patel, all rights reserved. Copyright 2020, Ghan LLC.