Meditations: Live

All four Meditations performed live in Bushwick, NYC.

“Meditations: Live”


July 2021, Rubulad, NYC 

“Meditations: Live” was a live adaptation of Meditations, released summer 2021. The Bushwick DIY art space Rubulad provided the setting for a vaccinated New Yorkers to embody alien minds together. 


Co-created with Darren Solomon, “Meditations: Live” featured jazz musicians, Jenise Morgan as narrator, and large immersive visuals that projected through translucent curtains hanging from the ceiling. 


Social media clips of the event are collected here:

A short Youtube is also available, as well as many clips on the instagram page @spacetime_diaries_


Darren Solomon — Band leader, sound design, keyboards

Jenise Morgan — Guide

Derek Muro — Saxophone

Nish Chari — Sitar

Mike Reilly — Drums

Ghan Patel — Conductor, sound effects, visuals