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The Disappearing


 A Story About Illusions

“The Disappearing” is the first season of Spacetime Diaries. It’s an eight episode musical adventure that follows a disgruntled tech worker as she reckons with apocalyptic human disappearances. She finds herself in the distant future, where two cultures clash on a remote planet for the fate of humanity.

Much of this story was inspired by the many enormous changes we witnessed in 2020. Major themes include humanity’s role in its environment, governance in a time of misinformation, and technology’s responsibility to the public good.

Recorded remotely among friends during the 2020 pandemic, this season involved the hard work of dozens of talented artists across New York and the West Coast. The following credits are listed in order of appearance:


Daniel Lynas – Mixing, mastering

Lauren Greenhall – voice of Dr. Weig

Jenise Morgan – New Rand welcome voice

Jack Schaub – voice of Aldrich Mogul

Reese Bowes – voice of security guard Jacquo & drummer on Episode 2

Phil Weitzman – bassist on Episode 2

Kayode Balogun – voice of Jhoken

Chris Clark – voice of New Rand board of directors member

Kazoo Studios – voice of Inara

Mike Reilly – voice of Watso

Nicole Merritt Chari – voice of Kaxerine Dugard & backing vocals on Episode 5

Nish Chari – voice of New Rand truck rally participant & sitar on Episode 5

Lauren Heagerty – voice of New Rand border guard

Sheuli Molla – voice of Ellen Specter

Nathan Ward – Synth solo in Episode 6


All characters, situations, and places are fictitious. Any similarities to individuals in the real world are purely coincidental. Story and original music by Ghan Patel, all rights reserved. Copyright 2020, Ghan LLC.